We support you during the carrying out of the course. Our support is free and ensured. For any doubts or problems you’ll be guided by a specialist who will give you all the additional instructions necessary to proceed in your training course.

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Write us. We’ll do our utmost to reply you in the quickest time possible. In cases of more difficult assistance, our specialist will help you through a remote control of your computer. It will be like having a tutor next to you, who will guide you in solving your problems.

Technical support for programming

Write us an email and explain your problem, attach programs or images that best will help us understanding how to assist you.

For a rapid contact, write us on Messenger.


The remote support will be carried out via the program TEAMVIEWER. Before asking for help, install this free program on your computer. Ask for assistance, following the guidelines reported in the document and relating to the use of the software.



Software/hardware support for SinuTrain

Support relating to the installation and correct functioning of the training and simulation software is supplied directly by Siemens, following the instructions reported in this document. CNC Web School advises you to install and check the compatibility of SINUTRAIN with your computer before buying this course.


To extend the functionalities of SinuTrain and buy the licenses, write directly to the Siemens Manager.