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A new educational tool for the teaching of the programming and use of numeric control machine tools. The course is available both in paper and in digital form, the only one linked to a free and unlimited graphic simulation software that simulates a real NC on the computer. The only one that turns a theoretical programming course into a real use of the machine tool.


second edition

The second edition of the book offers you the unlimited use of the graphic simulation software and the upgrade of procedures and images.


This book is for apprentices and teachers who are looking for a programming course combined with a graphic simulation software. The course is based on ‘ISO standard’ functions study, i.e. programming language of all numerical controls. The training and graphic simulation software faithfully reproduces real numerical controls on the computer. The training course provides chapters and paragraphs of theoretical and practical education. Theoretical paragraphs are characterized by pictures and schemes, which offer a better understanding of the text. During the first practical experiences, trainees will deal with programs that have already been drawn up, helpful for better learning numerical controls and their own potential. Then, will proceed with new programs having difficulty levels commensurate with the acquired experience. During the practical exercises, readers will be regularly guided by the related operating procedures. The learning method is also studied for allowing neophytes to complete the course and understand all the functions and most difficult programming modes. Periodically, trainees and teachers will have the opportunity to analyze their improvements or highlight the must-review topics, thanks to test verifications. The course lasts 50 hours. At the beginning of each chapter, the time to spend (in hours) is defined for both theoretical learning and practical exercises execution. Analyzed machines: three axis lathe (X, Z, C) with rotary tools, which represents the major topic of the course, and vertical three axis cutter (X, Y, Z), discussed in a dedicated chapter. All programs used during the training lessons and the catalogue of images from the book can be downloaded directly on the website, useful at home, as well as in the classroom, to be printed, observed or projected. In conclusion, a list of technical terms and related translation (Italian, English, German).



Through the index and displayed pages you have the possibility to know, before purchasing the book, the topics dealt with during the course and quality of the graphic layout.



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